Album: Strings in Action

by Hans Fahling

Written, performed and produced by Hans Fahling. ©2015/2016 Hans Fahling (BMI/GEMA), all rights reserved.

The idea of this collection is to write pieces for classical guitar with an orchestral backdrop. There hasn't been all that much of a conservatorial tradition, mostly because it is very difficult to set the voice of the guitar apart from the powerful, philharmonic bulldozer behind it: Six little nylon strings up against 100 plus players. 

In this digital day and age, however, it is much easier to mold the wonderful nuances of the guitar with those of an orchestra. It is now even more possible to close mic and multiple-mic the guitar signal without the rest bleeding into the aural spectrum. The guitar can be very cinematic and that effect can be multiplied tenfold with the help of orchestral arrangements. 


- HF