Guitars & Amps on "The Water Rule"

All guitar tracks on "The Water Rule" were recorded on either a Stratocaster or a Telecaster. The latter is actually a Modified Tele Deluxe that sports two hum buckers. So, the spankier guitars were done on my strat and the Larry-Carlton-meets-Steely-Dan musings come from my tele. It was a lot of fun generating the 70s guitar sounds that I was shooting for on this guitar-heavy album.

Since I started gathering musical ideas for this album about 5 years ago, the first guitar tracking was done using my Fender Hotrod Deluxe, captured with an Octava large membrane condenser behind the cone and a Shure pistol mic in the front. About two years ago, I invested in a Yamaha THR10 desktop amp that is also a USB2.0 interface. I will not do without it anymore and, in fact, about 70% of this album was done with the combination of this amp and the Tele… no need for any microphoning at all. Let me know what you think!