Inspiration for 'The Water Rule'

All the tracks on "The Water Rule" were guided in their development by the feeling and style of my favorite surf-films: 'Single Fin: Yellow' (Jason Baffa), 'One California Day' (Jason Baffa) und 'Sprout' (Thomas Campbell) all were shot exclusively on film, not digital cameras. They have a very organic, vintage look and sport very inspiring sound tracks with music by various contributors.

Especially 'Single Fin: Yellow' ( hit a nerve with me. The music is so refreshing and vintage sounding that it perfectly compliments that organic look and feel of the 'film'. Grainy to smooth to smeared, but never showing any pixellations that are seen on so much other, modern surf footage. I tried to capture that very feel in the sound of this album.

Every time I'd be in the water on my board I would most likely have come straight from my studio working on these tracks. In the water, I would let that reel of music keep on spinning, sometimes, going right back into the studio afterwards and picking up where I left off - literally refreshed for working on the music with a new perspective.