Before+After: DESERT DANCE - inspired by Leo Brouwer

Probably the biggest, formative influence on my finger style approach has been the study of Leo Brouwer's guitar etudes. I remember when my classical professor, Steven Novacek, presented these to me back in 1995. It was a musical revelation for me in many ways. In fact, the rhythmic juxtapositions and dissonances that Brouwer uses so elegantly, and at the same time so boldly and with such a macho delivery, have influenced even my rock guitar playing style.

While writing the guitar parts and classical-style pieces for STRINGS IN ACTION, I kept catching myself recognizing Leo Brouwer's style. I had to try hard to not rip him off, simply because so much of his style is embedded in my muscle memory.
'DESERT DANCE' definitely falls under this Leo Brouwer spell by both using small interval arpeggios that use lots of open strings as well as muscular rhythm riffs that gel with the brass and lower strings.
This album is intended for industry and won't be available in the general, public realm. But I am previewing all 10 pieces on my site for the next couple of weeks - feel free to listen to the whole album, streaming in high quality MP3 format here: FAHLINGMUSIC.COM