Teaser Track: Strings in Action

Here is a first 30 sec teaser track for my up-coming production music album. It's called 'STRINGS IN ACTION' (this piece will be called 'Scissor Blossoms') and it combines classical guitar pieces with orchestral arrangements, all sticking to a very cinematic sound. The process of writing these pieces has been very much a give and take when thinking of the guitar arrangement within the orchestral sound. I actually have been writing both at the same time, sometimes starting with an orchestral texture and writing guitar parts according to that beginning… and vica versa.

It's been very refreshing and a lot of fun. The digital workflow comes in so handy for something like this. But the real basis for making this work has been a lot of listening as well as two books that I have been actively studying: 'Principles of Orchestration' by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov and Berlioz/Strauss' 'Treatise on Instrumentation'. The process of 'reenacting' many a lesson within 'Principles of Orchestration' has turned into several springboards, or starting points, from which I have begun orchestral ideas and launched them into full arrangements. Just a great book.