My new production music album, called "STRINGS IN ACTION", has finally been finished. Simply for kicks, I've been filming myself playing the guitar parts for each of these compositions in order to show the before+after effect of what these classical guitar pieces for this project sound like by themselves. Each beginning segment of the solo piece is followed by the same guitar piece that includes the orchestral arrangement.

Some of these compositions use alternate tunings in order to facilitate the execution and resonance of certain riffs and musical keys. This first video is of SCISSOR BLOSSOMS, for which I tune the third string down a semitone to F#. I am planning to go live with a new before+after video every two or three days.

Many thanks to Billy Kam, Robert Savery and Joaquin Diaz for lending me your ears during the mixing part of this project. Extra special thanks to Billy for lending me a great pair of large membrane GENERA studio mics to buddy up with my Avantone CV12 in recording the guitar.

Now, this album is intended for industry and won't be available in the general, public realm. But I am previewing all 10 pieces on my site for the next couple of weeks - feel free to listen to the whole album, streaming in high quality MP3 format here: FAHLINGMUSIC.COM

Should you feel like any other people, such as music supervisors, film editors, publishers, and library owners/execs, should hear this material, I would really appreciate feedback, referrals and even FB shares. Thanks in advance