Before+After: SEVEN 50

'SEVEN 50' was probably the first, classical piece that I started orchestrating maybe 6 or 7 years ago. It has a really fun opening riff that can be played at lightning speed, if you want to impress someone with your guitar skills. It actually is quite easy once you master the string skipping, legato and ostinato on the high E string.
In any case, I probably did about 3 different arrangements for the orchestral part. So, 'SEVEN 50' was somewhat of a warm up to all the other pieces on 'STRINGS IN ACTION'. It features a focus on the aeolian sound with the second section of chordal arpeggios. Going from an Em7 9/11 to an Am7b13 and a Dm7b13. This opened up a lot of options for dissonance with a certain shimmer effect in both guitar and the orchestral score.
This album is intended for industry and won't be available in the general, public realm. But I am previewing all 10 pieces on my site for the next couple of weeks - feel free to listen to the whole album, streaming in high quality MP3 format here: FAHLINGMUSIC.COM