Before+After: Low Tuning on 'RED RUSHES BY'

Tuning the low E string down to a C and the high E string down a half step to Eb gave me somewhat of a C Dorian slate with this new set of open strings. The guitar part to 'RED RUSHES BY' plays a bit more of a supportive role within the orchestral arrangement. But hearing the guitar all by itself, nonetheless, reaffirms how inspiring this different resonance of the instrument was for the piece as a whole. The guitar felt almost alien, resonating at a different sweet spot of the frequency spectrum - inspiring uncharted territory for my personal playing style.

The lower string tension made the string bends feel and sound different as well. So, I decided to dwell on that and let this rhythm figure lock into different percussion and string staccato patterns. A fun foundation for the muscular theme played by trombones and French Horns.