New compositions on @AlienGuitarWorlds

Just finished two new tracks for this social media platform that features high-impact music in combination with story-loaded images and artworks: AlienGuitarWorlds now added "HYMNE DE NUAGES"  and "SHADOW RUN".

In lieu of sounding too literal, I decided to give the newest piece a French title. "Hymne de Nuages" is only partly a misnomer, since I really do hear the siren calls of the guitars as voices. And the celebratory character of the harmonic structure just drew me in, begging me to go with the story so to speak. The two cloud streams became a perfect analogy of the voice-like guitars - I can definitely imagine this piece working well for a dream sequence in a sci-fi film or for a reflective part of a drama.

"Shadow Run" is absolutely on the opposite end of the dynamic spectrum. It was almost too much fun to combine super heavy rhythm guitars with left-hand piano accents, pretty much like bombs hitting their target. This composition was very much written with a classic trailer cue in mind: A suspenseful intro moves into a dynamic lead up to a first epic percussion climax... etc. dark thriller, horror shocker and/or action scene material - you get the point! Very fun writing and tracking!

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- HF