Producing for Brazilian artist Cadu Ramos

Producing "De Bobeira" for Cadu was a full on blast. He laid down a guitar and vocal scratch track over a hip hop beat and the sculpting began. Combining a modern vocal style with spoken word and rapping made his Portuguese lyrics dance over the acoustic guitar and urban beats. After arranging his parts with the beats and drawing some amazing background vocal work out of him, I added some Fender Rhodes (teaming up with Cadu's super catchy bass line) and re-tracked the guitar parts for an ultra-close-up feel.
Check out his music video for "De Bobeira" below. Oahu Noth Shore based film maker, Bruno Lemos, a Brazilian ex-pat himself, shot and produced the visuals:

If you know how to read Portuguese, click on the imagebelow to check out an interview at Alma Surf:


On the epic music front, my track ALIEN INQUISITION got featured on another YouTube channel:

I've been enjoying embedding heavy hitting guitar riffs in trailer-music productions. Oh so much fun to combine dramatic sound design and epic drums with down-tuned, gut-wrenching string bombs. Much thanks to EpicMusicChannel!